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The Schedule

September 2023

9/15 - Friday, 12pm-8pm

New Terrain

16401 Table Mountain Rd / Golden

9/16 - Saturday 11-8pm

MCA Beer Garden

Valentia & E 49th / Denver

9/18 - Monday, 11-3pm

Denver Start Up Lunch

TBD / Denver

9/22 - Friday, 12-8

Cannonball Creek

303 Washington / Golden

9/24 - Sunday, 11-8

105 West Brewing

1043 Park St / Castle Rock

9/28 - Thursday, 5pm-8pm

New Terrain

White Ash Mine Park / Golden

9/29 - Friday, 12pm-8pm

New Terrain

16401 Table Mountain Rd / Golden


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F* Cancer


Chef's Corner


Widespread Panic


As I sat at my kitchen table staring out the window into the busy morning of the city, I sipped my coffee and thought to myself


“This is it, I’m going to it.”  


Thinking back on the last few years and the extreme changes that were thrown my way I couldn’t help but think that everything happens when it’s supposed to and for reasons we can’t quite comprehend. 


Life is short, it’s fragile, and when it ends it’s devastating to those left behind. My aunt and uncle were, and still are two of the most influential people in my life and in 2018 they both were taken back home. We go through so many things, ups downs and everything in between during our very short years here and spending the last few as an ant marching on the highway, existing and going through the motions of the “daily grind” really put me in a low spot.  I have always had a passion for food, the industry, the beautiful chaos of the kitchen and the smile on someones face as they take a bite of the food I’ve prepared. An itch to start my own food truck has always lingered in the back of my mind as well and for some reason, the passing of my amazing aunt sparked this passion once again.

I had really no idea even where to start, my mind was going crazy, I was sipping bourbon, listening to some Widespread Panic (they are my 2nd passion) and all of a sudden … Darleen’z..that was my food truck name.. Not really sure what I was going to make in that damn truck.. but the song Arleen (by Widespread) and my beautiful aunt Darlene.. well, those two just merged and it was right.. I smiled and sipped some more bourbon.

Not long after, having dinner with my friend Sarah at the Rock Bottom Brewery one night we were talking about food truck nonsense, concepts, names, etc.  and she blurts out Dillaz, already knowing about Darleen’z.  I had no words. Darleen’z Dillaz was born.

See you all out there.. I can’t wait.

~Randall "RB"

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